Coalition For Diverse Language Communities

Welcome and Mission

Welcome to the Coalition for Diverse Language Communities!  CDLC is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities and sociocultural well-being for children, youth, and families from diverse language communities. Through partnerships with diverse language community stakeholders (schools, community organizations, etc.) and outreach work, we strive to support those individuals, groups, and organizations working to fill the needs of children, youth, and families who speak multiple languages at school, work, and home.  Our goal is to conduct, support, document, disseminate, and interpret community-engaged research at multiple levels, from our local community here in the Triad to the largest diverse language community of all, the world.  Our projects include community-engaged research and courses, professional development for ESL instruction, and a series of speakers to promote discussion about diverse language communities.
For more information, a calendar of upcoming events, examples of our work, and information on how you can get involved, please click to view our website.

CDLC History

It was in 2009 where the conversation started to establish a partnership that enhances collaboration among diverse language communities, promotes equity in education, and disseminates community-based research.  In Spring 2010, we held a retreat to establish such a community, draft the scope and mission of a proposed coalition, and start charting collaboration possibilities.  Subsequent retreats enabled the launching of projects such as the community voice research (a collaboration between community members, non-profit organizations, and university faculty, staff, and students), the tapestry project (represents immigrant perspectives on the meaning of education through the arts), and panels of first-generation UNCG college students (a collaboration with the UNCG SOE Access and Equity Committee to speak to students and parents at local school about how to support access to and success in college).


The CDLC was formed in response to the growing needs of diverse language communities in Greensboro, the surrounding areas, and the nation.  Chances are high that you are part of a diverse language community at work, at school, or at home. You are part of a diverse language community if you speak or work with others who speak multiple languages.  According to the US Census Bureau, people in Greensboro who are born outside of the US account for 10.7%.  In addition 13.7% of people in Greensboro speak a language other than English at home. This community includes a refugee population from at least 13 countries, including Burma, Iraq, and Somalia.

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The CDLC serves as a catalyst for innovative, relevant, collaborative and policy-related research, leveraging the synergy and knowledge of communities, students, staff, and faculty locally, nationally and globally. Specifically, we propose to design and implement projects responsive to identified diverse language community needs that result in:

  • Establishing and strengthening partnerships among diverse language community stakeholders (e. g., schools, community organizations, universities, state policy makers);
  • Advocating and engaging in outreach activities to leverage positive change for DLCs through professional development and community engagement programs for DLC stakeholders;
  • Developing a coherent and comprehensive research agenda to address the educational and socio-cultural wellbeing of DLC individuals and groups; and
  • Building capacity and promoting policy changes at the local, state, national, and international levels to accommodate DLCs.