News Events and Announcements headerCongratulations to Dr. Edna Tan (Teacher Education and Higher Education), she received new funding from Michigan State University for the project “Equitably Consequential Making among Youth from Historically Marginalized Communities.” This project is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation.

Equitably Consequential Making, a Research in Service to Practice (RPP) four-year project, focuses on understanding and designing for equity in STEM-oriented making for youth from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Given the proliferation of makerspaces in education settings, the project seeks to contribute new knowledge and practice for transforming the Maker culture in ways that are equitably consequential – processes and outcomes of Making, which: a) Deepen STEM and making knowledges and practices; b) Connect STEM-making with one’s community and with broader social issues; and c) Support transformative outcomes at the individual and community level focused on learning, becoming and doing in STEM through sustained engagement in Making.

Congratulations to alum Jewel Davis, who has been accepted into the 2018 class of of ALA Emerging Leaders! According to the ALA website, the ALA Emerging Leaders program is “designed to enable library staff and information workers to participate in project planning work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA structure, and have an opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacity early in their careers.”  The press release can be found here.  Jewel says, “I am very much looking forward to participating, and I contribute much of my success to being a part of a phenomenal LIS and ACE Scholars program!”

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Congratulations to the following ELC faculty members for their recent appointments in these two organizations:

  1. Dr. Kathy Hytten – President-Elect, The Philosophy of  Education Society (PES). Details here:
  2. Dr. Silvia Bettez – Vice President, American Educational Studies Association (AESA). Details here:
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The TEHE Mathematics Education Faculty are delighted to welcome Dr. Beth Herbel-Eisenmann to UNCG on Monday, February 26, 2018.  As part of the Yopp Distinguished Speaker Series in Mathematics Education, she will give a research talk from 1:30–3 pm focused on the role that positioning theory has played in her work.  Details about the talk are included in the flyer.
We hope that you will be able to join us!
Vicki Jacobs, Kerri Richardson, and Holt Wilson

Come join undergraduate students from our ELC 375-01 “Philosophy of Education” and ELC 381-07 “Cultural Foundations of Education” classes for their Fall 2017 end-of-term projects on Tuesday, 11/28 from 2:00 – 3:15 pm in the School of Education’s SELF Design Studio. Our Senior Teaching Assistants, Elizabeth Thompson and Shareese Castillo, who are teaching these classes are partnering this Fall to showcase the work and creativity of their students. Please see details in the flyer appended.

Flier ELC 375 Philoso Fest


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News Events and Announcements headerERM - 20 Best Graduate Programs in Educational Assessment

Congratulations! University of North Carolina at Greensboro is ranked by Top Master’s in Education for the Best Master’s in Educational Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation Degrees for 2017. 

This recognition is truly a testament to excellence!

If you like, you can see the list here:

In case you’re wondering, the ranking is published by Top Master’s in Education. The site provides objective rankings, critical reviews, and other resources related to Master’s in Education programs.  

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Victoria Budesa in GermanyMeet Victoria Budesa, a 2017 graduate of the Special Education: General Curriculum teacher education program, who is spending her first year teaching abroad as a special education teacher in an international school in Stuttgart, Germany.

Her blog, “The Teaching Adventures of Miss B,” shares a weekly recount of the many experiences, funny moments, travel adventures, and reflections as an international school teacher over the course of her first year of teaching abroad.

Below Victoria shares her insights for the month of November. 

“Time is flying fast here in Germany! I can’t get over the fact that it is November already and Christmas break is just around the corner. The last two months have been very busy, between planning my lessons, getting more involved with extracurricular at ISS, and getting into the nitty gritty of paperwork in the Special Ed department. My classes have been going well and have been able to get to know my students even better. I have even had the opportunity to see some student growth with a couple of my students, which has been a very rewarding experience.

To be honest, I’ve definitely had my share of bad days and good days. Somedays I feel like I just think about getting through the hard days by taking it block by block, but somedays I feel like things are going smoothly and I can feel proud of my daily accomplishments. But most days, I feel like an octopus, spread in a myriad of directions. Bu that’s truly what a teacher is like. Working on your lesson plans and then having to change directions to do ‘academic first aid’ for a student because they lost their entire project on the computer, to counselling a student about how a certain test grade in math doesn’t define their worth or defines who they are as a person. One of my colleagues in the Special Ed department came up with the metaphor and now we are known as the “SAP Octopuses”. I am very thankful for my team and all the advice and words of wisdom that they have been able to provide during the moments of feeling like an ‘octopus’.

My weekends here have been what has helped me cope with the large workload and the busyness. I have been fortunate to be able to visit some of my extended family that lives in the northern part of Germany as well as travel to different German cities along the way. This month alone I’ve been in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Frankfurt. I am looking forward to the start of the Christmas Market season and getting to get into the festive mood of the holidays. Since we don’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, a couple of my American colleagues and I are creating our own Thanksgiving Dinner together to celebrate great friendship, good memories, and moving into the holiday season. I am excited to spend Thanksgiving here in Germany, as untraditional as it might turn out.”

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At the recent joint conference of the North Carolina Housing Officers (NCHO) Association and the North Carolina College Personnel Association (NCCPA), an HED alumna and several current HED students were honored:

Camilla Brewer (’17) was recognized as the NCCPA Outstanding New Professional. Camilla currently works at Elon University as the Coordinator for Gender and LGBTQIA Center as well as a Residential Coordinator for Housing & Residence Life for the Danieley Center Neighborhood.

Current 1st-year student, Anna Poteat (UNCG 2017 alumna), was recognized as the NCCPA Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year.  Anna holds her Graduate Assistatnship at Guilford College as the Student Leadership & Engagement/New Student Orientation GA.

Current 2nd-year student, Kelly Hook (UNCG 2017 alumna) was recognized as the NCHO Graduate Student of the Year. Kelly holds her Graduate Assistantship at the UNC School of the Arts in Housing & Residence Life as the GA for Academic Success.

3 minutes were all they had to impress the judges and the audience. Our own Leslie Locklear and Oliver Thomas were this year’s 3MT finalists which took place in the Alumni House, Thursday, 11/9/2017. Leslie’s one slide depicted her dissertation on “The Stories of Lumbee Tribal Youth” while Oliver presented his work on “Cultivating Agents of Social Change”. The competition was fierce with Leslie being voted with “The People’s Choice Award”. We are so proud of both of you for bringing ELC to the 3MT arena this year. Hope to see more ELC at next year’s 3MT. Well done, Leslie & Oliver!

ELC came to support not only Leslie & Oliver, but Kelly King from CED who was also a finalist.
(L-R: LaToya Brown, Leslie Locklear, Dr. Silvia Bettez, Oliver Thomas, Kelly King, and Erica-Brittany Horhn)

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