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Study Abroad with the SOE

Explore education around the world! Develop a global perspective by traveling abroad with the School of Education. Visit classrooms, meet current and pre-service teachers, and experience the world of education. 

Through partnerships with institutions around the world, School of Education (SOE) students can enhance their educational experiences through various short-term study abroad or exchange programs.

Smiley Award – SOE Global Education Ambassador

Nominate yourself or someone you know to be the recipient of the Smiley Award that supports global education opportunities for current undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education. Click here, to learn more about this award, including eligibility requirements and the application process.

SOE Abroad Student Scholarship

IPC Advisors and faculty advisors can nominate students for the SOE Abroad Student Scholarship for students participating in education abroad programs coordinated through the International Programs Center (IPC) at UNC Greensboro, including programs such as semester or year-long study abroad, summer partner programs, and/or enrolled in a faculty-led study abroad program.

Learn more about this award, including eligibility requirements and the application process.

The SOE Abroad Student Scholarship supports global educational opportunities for current undergraduate and graduate students participating in education abroad programs coordinated through the International Programs Center (IPC) at UNC Greensboro.

Preference will be given to students who demonstrate:

  • Academic excellence, with a preferred GAP of 3.0 and above
  • Strength of academic & character references
  • Relevance to academic/career plans
  • Financial needs


School of Education (SOE) undergraduate and graduate students participating in education abroad programs coordinated through the International Programs Center (IPC) at UNC Greensboro including programs such as semester or year-long study abroad, summer partner programs,  and/or enrolled in a faculty-led study abroad program.


  • Eligible applicant will sign up for an education abroad opportunity at UNC Greensboro
  • A nomination form will be submitted by an IPC advisor or a faculty advisor supervising the education abroad experience  

Post-award requirements: All award recipients are expected to share their overseas experiences through written/video reflections or presentations. SOE Global when share these experiences via the School of Education news and events website feed, the SOE-News newsletter, and on the SOE Global social media channels.

Amount of Award: up to $1,000

Nomination Deadlines: October 15 & March 15

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Why Study Abroad?

Education abroad is a powerful step towards building your own familiarity with other cultures, improving your own teaching practice, and developing your own global network of colleagues that can support you as a teacher.

UNC Greensboro’s School of Education (SOE) study abroad programs are designed to enhance your intercultural competency as a learner and educator. Through study abroad programs, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of education in global settings
  • Have an opportunity to view yourself in a new light
  • Interact with teachers and students in other countries
  • Increase intercultural competency to work with diverse students and families in local schools
  • Enhance readiness to prepare future global citizens
  • Learn to become a global educator (learn more about North Carolina DPI-Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers)

Read more: 12 Reasons Why You Totally Have to Study Abroad by Summer Drum, former SOE student who studied abroad

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Semester or year-long exchange program– Students take courses from a partner institution overseas for one semester. Education majors typically participate in this type of programs during their sophomore year.
  • Faculty-led short-term study abroad program– Typically done during the summer sessions. Students participate in a short-term study abroad program for 3-5 weeks overseas, as well as a pre-departure and post-return course. Up to 6 credit hours can be earned through this type of program.

Click here to see a flyer on how to take your Education studies abroad and learn how you can fulfill General Education Credit (GEC) requirements with unique classes at 5 featured universities.

The International Programs Center (IPC) is happy to announce that they are offering UNCG students the opportunity to take part in Global Remote Internships. IPC has partnered with ISA/Worldstrides to offer these exciting opportunities for students. However, it is important that students act quickly as the priority deadline to apply for these internships for spring is November 15th. For more information about these programs, please visit

Featured Opportunities

  • Experiencing China– This is a faculty-led short-term study abroad program. During this program, you visit universities, K-12 and special education schools, and interact with teachers and students in Shanghai, China. For more information, check the program website or contact Lauren Hudson.
  • Finland– Education students can visit the International School in Oulu, Finland, after they complete their student teaching for a two or three-week internship. The school is known for its K-12 International Baccalaureate curriculum and represents the best of world recognized Finnish education.
  • LIS International Internships: Library & Information Science students can conduct virtual or on-site internships with institutions abroad. Please contact Nora Bird or your advisor for details.


Understanding Study Abroad Costs & Financial Aid

While you are responsible for learning whether any aid that you have been awarded while on campus can be used for study abroad, we also want to point you in the direction of some funding options that are available:

International Programs Center (IPC)

Most funds awarded through the International Programs Center (IPC) are provided as travel grants to students heading overseas in UNC Greensboro Study Abroad Programs. For more information, contact the International Programs Center (IPC) at 336.334.5404 or visit them online.

The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office (URSCO)

The URSCO is dedicated to promoting and supporting student success through mentored undergraduate research, creative inquiry and other scholarly experiences for the UNCG community. The URSCO Travel Fund is designed to provide students with supplemental travel support to present results of their research, scholarship and/or creative activity at professional conferences in their field.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

UNCG Graduate Student Association (GSA) provides funding for graduate student research and professional development opportunities.

Prestigious International/National Fellowships

There are several international fellowships which may be of interest, and they can be found on the Prestigious International/National Fellowships webpage.

Among the many national scholarships and fellowships that are available, many SOE students have participated in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. It offers research, study and teaching opportunities in over 140 countries to recent graduates and graduate students.

For further information about scholarships, fellowships, or the Fulbright Research program, or to set up an appointment, please fill out this inquiry form or contact Patrick Lilja.


When Should I Apply?

The Fall and Academic Year application deadline to IPC is February 15th. The Spring application deadline is September 15th.

When Can I Study Abroad?

The best time to study abroad differs depending on your major.  Talk to the study abroad coordinator in your department and to an IPC advisor.  Generally, students study abroad during their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year.  Students have the option of studying abroad during their fall semester, spring semester, throughout an entire academic year, or during the summer.

What’s Special About UNC Greensboro’s Programs?

Rather than signing up for preset programs, students work with academic advisors to create tailor-made study plans with their goals in mind.  Our programs become an integrated part of a student’s path to graduation, rather than an “extra” tacked on.

Do I Need to Know a Foreign Language?

While studying abroad is an ideal time to complete foreign language requirements or learn a new language, most of our international partner programs offer extensive coursework in English available to exchange students in most majors.

Will I Graduate on Time?

YES! Students receive UNC Greensboro credit for classes taken abroad, so there is no need to prolong graduation — you can still graduate on time!

Can I Afford It?

YES!  On semester or year-long exchange programs, students pay regular UNCG tuition and fees. Housing and meal costs are typically equivalent to a semester in residence at UNCG. Financial aid received at UNCG can be applied to the program costs. In addition, students are eligible to receive travel grants to help offset the costs of airfare. Be sure to review the budget sheet and speak to an IPC advisor.

Set up a study abroad “options” appointment, through the International Programs Center, to learn the basics about exchange program and/or faculty-led program options.

Additional Resources are available through the International Programs Center Study Abroad webpage and the Study Abroad & Exchanges website, including scholarship sources and contact information.