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SOE International Committee

The School of Education is committed to advancing access to life’s opportunities by providing (a) transformative educational experiences; (b) innovation and research and bridging discovery with teaching and practice; (c) the promotion of equity, diversity, and inclusion; and (d) events and activities fostering an engaged and collaborative community.

The SOE International Committee strives to: 

  • Share resources for internationalization: The committee strives to enhance the awareness of existing international, national, regional and local resources for internationalization among SOE faculty, staff and students. 
  • Foster a welcoming and supportive environment for SOE international students, visitors, and scholars: The committee provides support and network opportunities for SOE international students, visitors, and scholars; and offers education and awareness regarding international access, equity, and support issues. 
  • Promote SOE international collaborative opportunities:  The committee offers resources and support for SOE faculty, staff, and students who are interested in leading and/or participating in study-abroad programs, exchange programs, and other international collaborative teaching, research, and service opportunities. 

The SOE International committee serves as an advisory group to the Dean. It is comprised of faculty, staff, and students from the School of Education as well as key persons from the University. We are always looking to incorporate new members with global ideas to join the SOE Global committee. If you are interested in joining, please email us at 

List of Committee Members

NameArea Representing
Sandra AyooEducational Research Methodology
Rosalie CatanosoSOE Dean’s Office
Jewel CooperSOE Dean’s Office
Darren EcholsGraduate Student (ELC)
Colleen FairbanksTeacher Education and Higher Education
Barbara HalbertTeaching Resource Center
Ye (Jane) HeTeacher Education and Higher Education
Lauren HudsonGlobal Academy, Graduate School
Doris KroissGraduate Student (TEHE)
Sam MillerTeacher Education and Higher Education/ Specialized Education Services
Nor OthmanEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
Salih RakapSpecialized Education Services
Monique SaastamoninenGraduate Student, ELC
Lori SandsTeaching Resource Center
Jamie SchisselTeacher Education and Higher Education
Monica ScovellInternational Programs Center
Carla WilsonSOE office of Instructional Technology Support
Scott YoungCounseling and Educational Development
Melody ZochTeacher Education and Higher Education