School of Education Professorships

The School of Education is grateful for our alumni and friends who inspire others and make dreams changing the lives of others possible. Our donors find that in giving of themselves, their own lives are changed as well.

Endowed professorships begin with a current or planned gift of $500,000. For more information, contact Terri Jackson, Senior Director of Development, or call 336-256-2496.

Burlington Industries Excellence Professorship

DiAnne BordersThe Burlington Industries Excellence Professorship was endowed by the Burlington Industries Foundation in 1997. It currently serves professors in the areas of business management and educational counseling. Burlington Worldwide is a Greensboro-based diversified textile company with a global presence.

The current recipient is Dr. L. DiAnne Borders, who joined the Department of Counseling and Educational Development in 1989, served as Department Chair from 1996-2008, and was named the Burlington Industries Excellence Professor in 2004. She has achieved national and international recognition for her research focused on enhancing the process of clinical supervision across a variety of professions as well as clinical supervisor training. She has served on the executive committee of the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision since its inception, as well as the International Advisory Board for the Yale University School of Medicine’s supervision program.

“The Excellence Professorship has provided funding for me to travel internationally to study clinical supervision and consult with professors and practitioners who want to use best practices in their clinical supervision work. In addition, the Excellence title has enabled me to attract a number of international post-doctoral scholars to UNCG.”

Jennifer Smith Hooks and Jacob T. Hooks Distinguished Professorship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Jennifer and Jake Hooks established the Hooks Professorship in 2016 with the intention of making a transformative impact on the School of Education in a defining way. The Hooks Professorship weaves together the history of three generations of educators in Jennifer’s family, Jake’s career in engineering, and the growing impact of STEM education in the classroom. The Hooks Professorship is awarded to someone who has the potential to enhance the field of Education at UNC Greensboro and its place in the community, and demonstrates excellence in the field of STEM education.

The current recipient is Dr. Heidi Carlone, professor in the Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education. She is a teacher educator and educational researcher who works to make science and engineering pathways more accessible and equitable for historically underserved and underrepresented populations. She studies the potential of innovative science and engineering (STEM) learning settings in promoting STEM identities for K-12 youth who have wide-ranging life experiences, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and interests.

“I am honored,” Carlone said. “The Hookses’ generous investment in the UNCG School of Education will allow us to extend and enrich our efforts in STEM research and practice.”

William E. Moran Distinguished Professorship in Reading and Literacy 

Gay Ivey headshot

The Moran Professorship, named for former UNC Greensboro Chancellor William Moran from 1979-1995, was established in 1998 and is given to an educator who exhibits the following characteristics: a dedication to and proven excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels; demonstrated excellence in scholarship in reading and literacy; a willingness to serve as a mentor to faculty and a resource to others in the University community; and a willingness to help attract outstanding prospective faculty and students to UNC Greensboro.

The current recipient is Dr. Gay Ivey, professor in the Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education.

James D. & Johanna F. Yopp Distinguished Professorship in Mathematics or Science Education 

Jo and Jim Yopp established the Yopp Professorship in 2006 as a means of expressing their support of excellence in teacher education in the areas of math or science teacher preparation.

The current recipient is Dr. Vicki Jacobs, professor in the Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education. Vicki came to UNC Greensboro in 2012 after spending most of her academic career at San Diego State University and the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education. Her doctoral studies were at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where she worked on the Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) project and was introduced to the wonder and power of children’s mathematical thinking. For more than two decades, she has enjoyed collaborating with teachers and researchers in exploring young children’s mathematical thinking and instruction based on that thinking.

“I am grateful I had the opportunity to come to UNCG as the Yopp Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education. We are particularly excited about the Yopp Distinguished Speaker Series in Mathematics Education, in which we bring nationally known mathematics educators to UNCG to work with students, faculty, and community members. Not only has this series enhanced the local mathematics education community, but it has also caught the attention of mathematics educators across the state, thus helping to strengthen connections between UNCG and other state initiatives.”