Shaqwana Freeman-Green

Specialized Education Services (SES) Department
Shaqwana Freeman-Green headshot

Assistant Professor
Office: 434 SOE Building


  • Ph.D. in Special Education, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Master of Arts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Bachelor of Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Associate in Arts, Southeastern Community College


Advanced Training’s
University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning

  • Strategic Instruction Model
  • Content Literacy Continuum


Dr. Shaqwana Freeman-Green, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Specialized Education Services at UNC Greensboro. Her research interests include empirically based teaching and learning strategies for adolescents with high incidence disabilities in secondary schools. Specifically, her research focuses on mathematics education in urban settings and the use of culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy to address the research-to-practice gap in special education. As an educational researcher, Dr. Freeman-Green has delivered over 35 research presentations at international, national, and state conferences. She has published several articles, book chapters, and national and state reports.


Selected Publications

Jozwik, S. L., Freeman-Green, S., Kaczorowski, T., & Douglas, K. H. (in press). Effects of peer-assisted multimedia vocabulary instruction for high school English language learners. Reading & Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties. doi:10.1080/10573569.2020.1723153

Lopez, N.J., Uphold, N.M., Douglas, K.H., & Freeman-Green, S. (in press). Teaching High School Students with Disabilities to Advocate for Academic Accommodations. The Journal of Special Education.

Freeman-Green, S., O’Brien, C., Kolano, L., Lachance, J., & Perez, T. (2019). Providing special education supports in urban schools: High-needs communities and culturally, linguistically diverse students. In C. O’Brien, D. Sacco, & J. Beattie (Eds.), Teaching students with special needs: A guide for future educators (3rd ed., pp. 82-107). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

Jones Bock, S., Borders, C. M., Probst, K, & Freeman-Green, S. (2019). Special education for young learners with autism spectrum disorder. In, F. E. Obiakor & J. P. Bakken (Eds.), Special Education for Young Learners with Disabilities Advances in Special Education, 34, (pp. 103-118). United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing Limited.

Freeman-Green, S., Person, J., & O’Brien, C. (2018). Mathematics instruction for secondary students with learning disabilities in the era of tiered instruction. Insights into Learning Disabilities, 15, 177-196.

Freeman-Green, S., Test, D.W., Holzberg, D. (2018). Participation of students with disabilities in college ready programs. International Journal of Special Education, 33, 715-731.

Freeman-Green, S. & Kaczorowski, T. (2018). Improving instructional practices of Special Education teachers through virtual simulation and video coding: A demonstration. GAUISUS, 6. Retrieved from:

Selected Presentations

Freeman-Green, S. (2020, June). Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy for Special Education Teachers. Division of International Special Education & Services Conference. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Freeman-Green, S., & Jozwik, S. (2020, April). Preparing Special Education Teachers to Work in Urban Settings. 2020 AERA Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

Freeman-Green, S., Driver, M., Wang, P., Jackson, D., & Brown, J.E. (2020). Teaching CLD Students with LD. Council for Exceptional Children Conference. Portland, OR.

Freeman-Green, S. (2019, June). Examining Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices in Special Education Math Methods Courses. Division of International Special Education & Services conference. Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Jozwik, S., Kaczorowski, T., & Freeman-Green, S. (2019, April). Multimodal Vocabulary Instruction for High School English Learners with or at-risk for Learning Disabilities. Presented at the 2019 AERA Annual Meeting. Toronto, Canada.

Freeman-Green, S., Pfleger, J., & Schraeder, L. (2018, November). Designing Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy to Shape Pre-Service Teacher’s Perceptions on Teaching in Urban Settings. Presented at the International Conference on Urban Education. Nassau, Bahamas.

Toms, O., & Freeman-Green, S. (2018, November). Strategies for Supporting Urban Youth Who are in Foster Care. International Conference on Urban Education. Nassau, Bahamas.