Richard Luecht

Richard Luecht

Educational Research Methodology (ERM) Department

Office: 240 SOE Building


  • Ph.D. in Urban Education: Research, Measurement & Evaluation, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • M.S. in Educational & Psychological Research: Measurement and Evaluation, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • B.S. in Psychology, Carroll University


  • Assessment engineering
  • Multistage testing
  • Computer-based testing
  • Automated test assembly
  • Standard setting
  • Adaptive testing
  • Multidimensionality

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Luecht, R. M. (2004). Multistage complexity in language proficiency assessment: A framework for aligning theoretical perspectives, test development, and psychometrics. Foreign Language Annals, 36, 518-526.

Luecht, R. M. (1998). Computer-assisted test assembly using optimization heuristics. Applied Psychological Measurement, 22, 224-336.

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