Nicholas M. Kochmanski

Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE) Department 

Assistant Professor

Research Interest

  • Mathematics education
  • Content-focused coaching
  • Teacher learning
  • Coach learning
  • Instructional improvement at scale
  • Practical measurement


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, Vanderbilt University
  • M.P.P. in Education Policy, Vanderbilt University
  • B.A. in English, University of Michigan


Dr. Kochmanski is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the School of Education’s Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education. After teaching middle grades mathematics and working as a mathematics coach, he earned his doctorate in mathematics education from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Kochmanski’s current research focuses on mathematics coaching as a means of supporting mathematics teachers to improve their instructional practices. In particular, he aims to specify what mathematics coaches need to know and be able to do to support teachers’ learning. Doing so can clarify goals for supporting mathematics coaches’ learning.

Link to Dr. Kochmanski’s CV


Nieman, H., Kochmanski, N., Jackson, K., Cobb, P., & Henrick, E. (in press). Using Student Surveys to Inform and Improve Classroom Discussion Practices. Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12.

Garner, B., Kochmanski, N., & Henrick, E. (2018). Educational Assessment. In Cobb, P., Jackson, K., Henrick, E., & Smith, T. and the MIST team (Eds.), Systems for Instructional Improvement: Creating Coherence from the Classroom to the District Office. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Jackson, K., Henrick, E., Cobb, P., Kochmanski, N., & Nieman, H. (2016). Practical Measures to Improve the Quality of Small-Group and Whole-Class Discussion [White Paper]. Retrievable from University of Washington: