Leila E. Villaverde

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC) Department
Leila Villaverde drawing

Email: levillav@uncg.edu
Office: 360 SOE Building

Research Interest

  • Curriculum studies
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Visual studies
  • Feminist theories and gender studies and cultural studies and how these intersect critical inquiry and praxis


  • Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in Cultural Studies, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. in Art Therapy, Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • B.S. in Art with a Minor in Art History and Psychology, Florida International University


Dr. Villaverde is Professor of Cultural Foundations, Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations and Director of the Doctoral Program in Cultural Foundations, and cross-appointed in Women’s & Gender Studies. She is also Senior Editor for The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy. She teaches courses on curriculum studies, history of education, gender studies, visual literacy and aesthetics, and critical inquiry/praxis. She has written books on white privilege, secondary education, and feminist theories; chapters and articles on formations of identity representations and materiality, critical visual studies pedagogy, aesthetics, and critical pedagogy.

Link to Dr. Villaverde’s CV


Villaverde, L. E. (in progress). Creative Framing for Critical Methodologies. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers. (contract signed spring 2015)

Brock, R., Mallot, C. and Villaverde, L. E. (2011). Teaching Joe L. Kincheloe. NY: Peter Lang Publishers.

Villaverde, L. E. (2008). Feminist theories and education: A primer. NY: Peter Lang Publishers. (*received AESA Critics Choice Book Award in 2009)


Villaverde, L. E. (2015). Foreword. In M. F. Agnello and W. Reynolds (Eds.). Practicing critical pedagogy: The influences of Joe L. Kincheloe. Dordrecht: Springer International Publishers. (invited)

Villaverde, L. E. and Carter, R., A. (2014). Critical pedagogy of experience, caught in the loops of seeing and being: Refusing to give up until the job is done. In P.W. Orelus and R. Brock (Eds.). Interrogating critical pedagogy: The voices of educators of colors in the movement. NY: Routledge.

Villaverde, L. E., Carter, R., A. and Stachowiak, D., M. (2014). Visual landscapes, literacies and place: The south (re)seen. In W. Reynolds (Ed.). Critical studies of southern place: A reader. NY: Peter Lang Publishers.

Carter, R. A. and Villaverde, L. E. (2013). Singularity, cyborgs, drones, replicants and avatars: Coming to terms with the digital self. In P. L. Thomas (Ed.). Challenging genres: Science fiction and speculative fiction. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Carter, R., A. and Villaverde, L.E. (2012). The inherent social contradiction in the angry but mystical Negro: Hollywood is making us crazy. Journal of Black Masculinity Studies, Summer Issue.

Villaverde, L., E. and Carter, R., A. (2010). Knowing what to do: A rededication to the scholarly mission of creativity, intelligence, and humanity. Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies Journal, 10 (5).