Kathy Hytten

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC) Department

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Email: kahytten@uncg.edu
Office: 348 SOE Building

Research Interest

  • Philosophy and sociology of education
  • Social justice
  • Diversity
  • Democracy
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Globalization


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Religion, Colgate University


Dr. Hytten’s research draws from the fields of cultural studies, critical social theory, and education for social justice.  She seeks to develop connections between their theoretical insights and the democratic promise of education, with the goal of uncovering systematic inequities and creating alternative, more empowering educational and social practices.  She is a Past-President of the American Educational Studies Association.  She has also served on the Executive Boards of the John Dewey Society and the Philosophy of Education Society, where she also served a three-year term as Executive Director.

Link to Dr. Hytten’s CV


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