Heidi Carlone

Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE) Department 
Heidi Carlone

Hooks Distinguished Professor of STEM Education
Email: heidi_carlone@uncg.edu
Office: 404 SOEB

Research Interest

Science education, Engineering education, Equity, Culture, Identity, Teacher education, Science education reform


  • PhD. in Instruction and Curriculum, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • B.S. in Science Education, North Carolina State University


Dr. Carlone is a Professor of Science Education who studies equity, identity and culture in innovative in-school and out-of-school K-16 science and engineering settings. Her most recent work focuses on understanding the short- and long-term impacts of excellent elementary instruction on students’ science-related identity work (through an NSF early CAREER grant), impacts of a field ecology research program on diverse high school youths’ identity work (through an Informal Science Education grant from the NSF called “The HERP Project”), and the cultural production of smartness and competence in elementary engineering (through a partnership with Engineering is Elementary at the Museum of Science Boston).

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