Glenn Hudak

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Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC) Department

Office: 354 SOE Building


  • Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction/Interdisciplinary Studies in Curriculum Theory, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.Div Religious and Philosophic Dimensions of Education, Union Theological Seminary
  • M.A. Educational Policy Studies/Philosophy of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • A.B. Philosophy, University of California-Berkeley


  • Harlem Family Institute, New York City, Diploma/Certificate of Completion, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Research & Publications

  • Philosophy of education
  • Interdisciplinary philosophical investigations into: Autism/Disability Studies, Buddhist and psychoanalytic thought in education, digital culture/technology and education
  • Ethics
  • Epistemology
  • Phenomenology and phenomenological studies

Hudak, Glenn M., (in review), “The Janus face of Autism: Arendt’s ‘Between’ as the Excluded Middle,” Philosophy of Education Society.

Hudak, Glenn M. (in progress, book manuscript). The Event of Autism: Accidental Readings.

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Hudak, Glenn M. (2011), “On the Commerce of Disability and the Advocacy of Philosophy for Educators” In Philosophy of Education Society 2011 Annual Yearbook pages 223-225.

Hudak, Glenn M. (2011),”Thinking Purpel Outside the Western Frame: Or, Do Zen Buddhists get Morally Outraged?” In The South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society 2010 Annual Yearbook.

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