News Events and Announcements headerCongratulations to Dr. Edna Tan (Teacher Education and Higher Education), she received new funding from Michigan State University for the project “Equitably Consequential Making among Youth from Historically Marginalized Communities.” This project is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation.

Equitably Consequential Making, a Research in Service to Practice (RPP) four-year project, focuses on understanding and designing for equity in STEM-oriented making for youth from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Given the proliferation of makerspaces in education settings, the project seeks to contribute new knowledge and practice for transforming the Maker culture in ways that are equitably consequential – processes and outcomes of Making, which: a) Deepen STEM and making knowledges and practices; b) Connect STEM-making with one’s community and with broader social issues; and c) Support transformative outcomes at the individual and community level focused on learning, becoming and doing in STEM through sustained engagement in Making.