Join an engaged community of students, faculty, and staff

Students at ELC Conference

In the School of Education (SOE), we recognize the importance of pursuing an education in an environment that not only offers exception instruction, but also provides ample opportunity to connect with faculty, alumni, and partners in schools, businesses, and organizations. These connections serve to enhance the learning experience and provide important professional connections that improve academic and professional success. For this reason, the SOE places great effort in cultivating a vibrant and engaged community of students, faculty, and alumni and partners, all working collaboratively to support our students in addressing the most pressing needs facing our regions, state, and the nation.

Students in our programs benefit directly form our strong network of students, faculty, alumni, and community partners. The multitude of connections we have with hundreds of schools, libraries, businesses, and nonprofit organizations support a wide range of valuable experiential learning opportunities for our students, such as practicums or internships. In some instances, the partnership runs much deeper, whereby our faculty work closely with the organization to provide consultation and services to help improve the vitality of the organization, often with our students working closely with our faculty through this process.

The SOE is proud of its strong network of over 17,000 alumni residing across North Carolina and the nation. Our alumni are employed in every level of the educational system, from teacher, to district superintendent, to leader of colleges and universities. They hold influential positions in educational, health, and research organizations across the nation. And they serve in critical roles changing the lives of individuals in our state and the nation. Our alumni connect with our students through departmental initiatives and events, and through a wide range of internships, practicums, field experiences.

Being a part of the SOE means joining this engaged community that allows our students to translate what is learned in the classroom to real-world settings. In this way, the SOE offers a unique learning environment that extends far beyond the walls of the classroom to provide a transformative experience for our students.