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M.Ed. in Teacher Education, concentration in Elementary Mathematics [Online]

Teachers learn about the teaching and learning of elementary mathematics and how it relates to student thinking in their current classrooms.

Career Opportunities

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Program Contact

Dr. Kerri Richardson
488 SOEB
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Example Careers:

  • Elementary math teachers
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Curriculum facilitators
  • Math coaches

Designed For

The elementary math program is designed for licensed practicing elementary school teachers. In order to earn the add-on elementary mathematics designation, the teacher must hold at least “A” licensure in Elementary Education.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this degree, graduates may be eligible for various positions in their school districts like curriculum specialists, curriculum facilitators, math coaches, and other leadership roles at their school sites.

Research Interests

Our program integrates research on students’ mathematical thinking with research progress in core mathematics instructional practices to support teachers in developing a vision of high quality mathematics instruction that leads to improved learning for all students.

Program of Study

Total hours: 33

Core courses:

  • TED 669 (3) Educational Implications of Learning & Developmental Theory
  • TED 545 (3) Diverse Learners or TED 646 (3) Intro to Equity Education
  • ERM 605 (3) Educ. Measurement & Evaluation or ERM 604 (3) Methods of Ed Research

Pedagogical Expertise

  • TED 658 (3) Number Systems & Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks
  • TED 659 (3) Rational Numbers & Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories
  • TED 660 (3) Data Analysis & Measurement: K-5 Classroom Interactions
  • TED 661 (3) Algebraic Reasoning: K-5 Discourse & Questioning
  • TED 662 (3) Geometry & Spatial Visualization: K-5 Assessment
  • TED 663 (3) Mathematical Modeling: K-5 Leadership

Professional Development/Leadership

  • TED 676 (3) Teacher As Researcher/Leader I
  • TED 677 (3) Teacher As Researcher/Leader II

Minimum Program Requirements

  • “A” licensure in Elementary Education
  • 3.0 GPA in undergraduate coursework

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