Teacher Education and Higher Education

M.Ed. in Teacher Education, concentration in Middle/Secondary Science

The Master of Education (MEd) program can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The program is aligned with the North Carolina Advanced Competency Standards and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The program is oriented toward improving results in teaching practice, as well as cultivating critical knowledge, skills, and dispositions in action research, professional development, leadership and working successfully with diverse learners in middle and secondary schools.

Career Opportunities

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Program Contact

Edna Tan


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Example Careers:

  • Lead teachers
  • Science coaches

Designed For

Practicing teachers who have an undergraduate degree in education or a related field, and already hold the Standard Professional I license or initial license to teach, and wish to pursue advanced licensure (M license) in the area of middle and secondary school science education.

Career Opportunities

Graduates go on to leadership positions in their science teaching career as lead teachers and science coaches.

Research Interests

In the Teacher as Researcher course, students will be able to investigate, through action research, an area of interest with support from faculty. Example of possible research topics include studying students’ funds of knowledge, students’ science practices, expanding learning outcomes, testing novel assessment strategies for a more holistic understanding of students’ science learning.

Program of Study

Total hours: 33 hours

Core courses (9 hours):

  • TED 646: Introduction to Equity Education
  • TED 669: Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theory
  • ERM 605: Educational Measurement & Evaluation

Pedagogical Expertise (15 hours):

  • TED 623 Environmental Education (3)
  • TED 632 Science Education: Teaching Practices & Curriculum (3)
  • TED 657 Nature of Science, Technology, & Society (3)
  • Two approved content courses in College of Arts & Sciences (6) or a second semester of TED 623, TED 561, and/or TED 632 with instructor permission, or approved substitutes.

Professional Development/Leadership (9 hours):

  • TED 626 Middle Grades Curriculum & Instruction (3)
  • TED 676 (3) Teacher As Researcher and Leader I  (3)
    (Prerequisite is 15 hours of course work and completion of ERM 604 or 605)
  • TED 677 (3) Teacher as Researcher and Leader II (3)
    (Prerequisite is TED 676)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science
  • Initial licensure for teaching in one of the sciences above
  • GPA scores that meet Graduate School standards
  • Two years teaching experience

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