Teacher Education and Higher Education

Add-on Licensure in Reading

The mission of the Literacy Education Program is to prepare teacher leaders who advocate for and seek to integrate theory, research, and practice; engage in reflection, research, and professional collaborations; and offer culturally relevant, learner-centered opportunities for every student to develop the literacy skills needed in the 21st century.

Career Opportunties

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Program Contact

Melody Zoch
470 School of Education Building


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Successful completion of this program culminates in a license, not a degree.

Example Careers:

K-12 Reading Specialist, K-12 Classroom Teacher, Literacy Coach, Curriculum Facilitator, District Coordinator for Language Arts

Designed For

This program is designed for professionals who have already completed a master’s program in education or who are currently enrolled in a master’s program and would like additional licensure as a reading specialist in grades K-12.

Career Opportunities

The primary goal of the program is to prepare initially licensed teachers for “M” licensure as a K-12 Reading Specialist. Not only are teachers prepared to implement innovative research-based teaching strategies in their own classroom settings, but they are also expected to promote those practices among colleagues, administrators, and the community as a teacher leader. Other careers may include working as a literacy coach, curriculum facilitator, or district coordinator for Language Arts.

Research Interests

Research interests include socio-cultural and critical context of literacy teaching; integrating technology and literacy instruction; and culturally-sustaining literacy pedagogy.

Program of Study

Total hours: 18

  • TED 614 Word Study
  • TED 616 Literacy Development and Instruction Across the Grades
  • TED 617a Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Instruction
  • TED 617b Advanced Practicum in Literacy Assessment, Instruction, and Leadership
  • TED 619 Trends and Issues in Literacy Education
  • TED 635 Reading in the Secondary School and Content Areas
  • TED 640 Writing Instruction Across the Grades or ENG 522 Teaching Composition: Theories and Applications
  • TED 645 Critical Issues in English Language Arts
  • TED 695 Youth Literacies
  • ENG 590 Literacy, Learning, and Fieldwork
  • ENG 602: Electronic Research, Writing, and Editing
  • ENG 697 Composing Theories in Reading and Writing

Minimum Program Requirements

  • Apply to the UNCG Graduate School and be accepted to the Reading Add-on Licensure Program
  • A Master’s degree in Education or a related field Initial or “A” license for teaching
  • Two years of teaching experience

Additional Information

The following tenets are central to our vision of teaching and research:

  • We hold teachers in the highest esteem and believe they are central to the process of teaching and learning.
  • We promote teachers’ identities as leaders, advocates, and innovators in their school communities.
  • We work from a strengths-based perspective as a way of promoting teacher and student success.
  • We celebrate the diversity of our community and promote a multilingual and multicultural approach to our teaching.
  • We think it is important for teachers to have opportunities to collaborate with faculty through research and professional development.