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Gate City Writes and UNC Greensboro’s School of Education

Community Voices is a free, two-week, summer workshop for immigrant & refugee teens and young adults to share stories about their experiences with their new Greensboro communities. The workshop, which takes place on UNC Greensboro’s campus, is designed to support newly resettled youths’ writing skills in both their native languages and English, through community, art, technology, and digital storytelling.

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Our Stories

Below are a few of our featured writing samples from Community Voices authors.

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As I’m writing this today [during second year of camp] I said to myself “why was I so nervous [before first year of writing camp]?” To my past self I would say “don’t be so nervous you wouldn’t
learn anything if you hadn’t taken a leap. You wouldn’t have made new friends.”

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In writing about her work at Community Voices Camp, Repaw shares: I believe that you don’t have to see something to believe they’re real...I am saying that you can believe in whatever you want even though you have never seen it in real life. My work was inspired by my imagination.

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I was very excited to come here … to have freedom and education...Now that I'm in the U.S. I want to take this chance to work really hard, so I can go back and help my people there who are in need of help and teach the children there and have better schooling for the children.

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I want you to know, so you won’t do the same mistake that I did, was you should not put pressure on yourself and be patient with yourself and believe that you can do it. And there is nothing wrong to fail the first time or second time. It’s not your fault, you just need time to practice. Don’t give up cause when you give up you won’t rise you up.

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Community Hub

There are many ways to support and honor the diversity in our community. Check out a few of these options below.

CNNC training session

Center for New North Carolinians

CNNC promotes access and integration for immigrants and refugees in NC by bridging newcomer populations with existing communities through direct service provision, research, and training.

A student during a citizenship during the real world English program at Allen Middle School.

Real World English

Real World English offers a culturally-responsive program that supports language and community development through practical English instruction for adult learners and free quality childcare.

Josephus at the mic

The Poetry Project Josephus III

The Poetry Project is a Greensboro organization that prides itself in using poetry to teach, inspire and build the communities that we call home.

Resources for Teachers

Community Voices is also committed to “partnering with, honoring, valuing, engaging with, and advocating for all members of our richly diverse community (UNC Greensboro, School of Education (SOE), and the Coalition for Diversity in Language and Culture (CDLC) Strategic Priorities).

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