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Birth-Kindergarten Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and Development, M.Ed. [Online]

The BK-ISED MEd is currently ranked #41 for Best Online Masters in Education Program by the US News and World Report.

This interdisciplinary synchronous online program is jointly administered with the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and prepares students to assume leadership roles in diverse settings (both education and community-based) serving young children with and without disabilities, ages birth to five, and their families.  There are two concentrations in this M.Ed.: Early Childhood Leadership & Program Administration and Early Childhood Leadership & Advanced Teaching Licensure.

Career Opportunities

Early Childhood Teacher, Early Interventionist, Child Care Consultant,  Program Administrator, Community College Instructor

Program Contact

SES BK Coordinator: Dr. Salih Rakap
Rm. 416 School of Education Building

HDF BK Director: Dr. Catherine Scott-Little
Rm. 248 Stone Building


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Applications for Fall 2023 are open and  due by January 15, 2023 for PRIORITY Consideration and February 1, 2023 for regular admission. Please check back our website for updates and additional information.

For further information about BK:ISED contact Dr. Salih Rakap, SES BK Graduate Co-Director, at s_rakap@uncg.edu or Dr. Catherine Scott-Little, HDFS BK Graduate Co-Director, at mcscottl@uncg.edu

Example Careers:

Early Childhood Teacher, Early Interventionist, Resource and Referral Specialist, Child Care Consultant, Family Advocate, Program Administrator, Community College Instructor

Designed For

The concentration in Early Childhood Leadership & Advanced Teaching Licensure is designed for students with a Standard Professional I or initial license seeking education in early childhood leadership and an advanced teaching license.

The concentration in Early Childhood Leadership & Program Administration is designed for teachers, directors/administrators, technical assistance providers, and other professionals working closely with early childhood educators to be leaders in the field.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this program, students will be eligible for careers as: Early Childhood Teacher/Director, Early Interventionist, Inclusion Specialist, Community College Instructor, Curriculum Specialist, Early Childhood Consultant, Family Specialist/Advocate, Development Specialist, Supervisor/Administrator, Home-Based Service Provider.

Research Interests

Faculty who teach in the program engage in research on topics such as: preparation of early childhood educators for family-centered practice, measurement of child care quality, inclusive practices, and collaboration in early childhood programs and services.

Licensure Eligibility Notice

The U.S. Department of Education requires that all higher education institutions advise students as to whether their curriculum provides them with the eligibility to apply for a professional license and/or certification in the state for which they plan to practice.

As such, please review UNC Greensboro’s status by state for the undergraduate degree in BK Advanced Licensure Program.  You should note whether the program either “meets”, “does not meet”, or if there “has not been a determination” of the program’s status in the state for which you plan to practice. You should contact the program’s support staff at s_rakap@uncg.edu with any questions regarding this data.

Licensure Reciprocity Information

Program of Study

Sample BK:ISED Leadership and Program Administration Emphasis Plan of Study:

  • Summer 1: SES 605 or HDF 634
  • Fall 1: SES 601, HDF 633
  • Spring 1: SES 602, SES 603, ERM 604
  • Summer 2: SES 605 or HDF 634
  • Fall 2: HDF 636, HDF 650
  • Spring 2: SES 604 (6 hours), HDF 637 (4 hours), Capstone experience (portfolio & oral defense)

Total hours: 37 semester hours

Core courses: (list below)

Core Courses Required for Both Concentrations:

  • Course work related to Theory and Practice (15 s.h.)
    • SES 601 Introduction to Inclusive Birth– Kindergarten Services
    • SES 602 Inclusive Family-Centered Practices in Early Childhood
    • SES 603 Screening/Assessment in Inclusive Early Childhood Services
    • HDF 636 Leadership & Mentoring in Educating Young Children
    • HDF 633 Advanced Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
  • Course work related to Research (6 s.h.)
    • HDF 650 Theory & Research in Early Childhood Development
    • ERM 604 Methods of Educational Research
  • Practicum (6 s.h.)
    • SES 604 Internship in Inclusive Early Childhood
  • Professional Portfolio (Capstone Experience): The final portfolio is the culminating experience. It includes two components: 1) a written document that includes a series of papers and 2) oral defense, discussing the content of the papers and rationale for the use of documents. This portfolio will demonstrate the mastery of skills and knowledge in the program competency areas. It is submitted on by the student and evaluated by a team of two faculty and one practicing professional. If the portfolio and presentation do not meet departmental standards, one revision is allowed. The final portfolio is required of all students graduating from the BK:ISED program.

In addition to the Core Courses, the Leadership & Advanced Teaching Licensure Concentration requires:

  • Course work related to Theory and Practice (4 s.h.)
    • HDF/SES 606 Preschool/Kindergarten Learning in Inclusive Settings (4 s.h.)
  • Electives (6 s.h.) to be selected from list or with approval of advisor
    • HDF 634 Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Policy
    • HDF 653 Contemporary Research in Family Studies
    • SES 605 Diversity and Inclusive Early Care and Education
    • SES 647 Collaboration and Consultation in Education
    • SES 662 Assistive Technology for Inclusive Education
    • HDF/SES 607 Infant/Toddler Learning in Inclusive Settings
  • Other courses as approved by advisor.
  • As applicable, if student’s initial license is in an area other than B-K:
    • SES 649c Practicum in Special Education (4 s.h.)

Those with an initial teaching license in another field of education must satisfy prerequisite requirements and complete eight (8) weeks of student teaching (which adds 4 credit hours to the program).

In addition to the Core Courses, the Leadership & Program Administration Concentration requires:

  • Course work related to Theory and Practice (10 s.h.)
    • SES 605 Diversity and Inclusive Early Care and Education
    • HDF 634 Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Policy
    • HDF 637 Administration of Early Care and Education Programs (4 s.h.)

Minimum Program Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in early childhood or a related field
  • Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 for admission
  • Applicants to the advanced licensure emphasis must have an initial teaching license

Additional Information

  • If GPA is below a 3.0, students have the option to take a graduate level course as a visiting student. If students earn a “B” or higher in this course, they will be considered eligible applications. Eligible application does not mean admission is guaranteed; an application review will still be required.
  • Most students work full time while completing the program. Synchronous class meetings are in the evenings from 5:00-6:50pm. In HDF/SES 607 and HDF/SES 606, students are required to participate in 3 hour-per-week field experiences in high-quality inclusive settings. Students in the advanced licensure emphasis with a license in an area other than BK are also required to complete 8 weeks of full-time student teaching in high-quality inclusive settings. In some instances, students may need to leave their work settings to complete a field experience or student teaching in an approved setting. The leadership and program administration emphasis does not require any classroom-based practicum experiences. However, students may need to leave their work settings occasionally to complete the final leadership internship project in SES 604.
  • The program can be completed in as few as two years (including summers), depending on the concentration and number of courses taken each semester. Students applying from fields other than early childhood education may be required to take two pre-requisite courses during the program.
  • Applications for Fall and Summer semesters are due the preceding February (i.e. to apply for Fall or Summer 2023 semester, applications are due by February 1, 2023).
  • Applicants must submit an application to The Graduate School (http://grs.uncg.edu/apply-online/) which includes: a professional statement, a current resume, official transcripts with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and three letters of recommendation with at least one academic reference if possible. Applicants to the Early Childhood Leadership and Advanced Teaching Licensure concentration must also submit documentation of their initial teaching license. The GRE is not required. An interview and writing sample may be required.

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Our goal is for every student in the School of Education (SOE) to be able to focus on their studies and not on student debt. A variety of financial aid is available to our students, including scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. We invite you to explore the many scholarship opportunities offered in the School of Education.