Library & Information Science (LIS)


The UNC Greensboro Department of Library & Information Science (LIS) connects people, libraries, and information through research, teaching, and service to enrich living and working in a global environment.


An intellectually rich, community-centered program leading future-oriented library and information education, innovation, and service.


The UNC Greensboro Department of Library & Information Science values:

  • Advocacy – We believe information is power, and act and speak on behalf of equity of access to information resources and services.
  • Authentic Practice – We critically engage interdisciplinary perspectives that constitute relevant and credible library and information activities.
  • Collaboration – We build vital connections in our research, teaching/learning and service.
  • Creativity – We inspire originality and imagination that inform and energize the library and information professions.
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness – We include diverse communities and points of view to enrich and inform research, teaching, and practice to ensure full representation, participation, value, and access by students, faculty and staff, and to challenge all forms of inequity and bias.


Goal 1. Access and Empowerment.

The Department of Library & Information Science, UNC Greensboro (LIS), advocates the professional responsibility of information access;

Goal 2. Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

LIS develops critical thinking, innovative solutions and leadership skills;

Goal 3. Educational Success and Lifelong Learning.

LIS educates and challenges students to become successful professionals, and promotes lifelong learning;

Goal 4. Cultural and Community Engagement (including internationalization).

LIS educates professionals who will drive cultural expression, community development, and global citizenship; and

Goal 5. Research Excellence.

LIS conducts and promotes research that informs the library and information field and other fields of knowledge.

Program Objectives

In order to continue to graduate highly sought information professionals, the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program aims to have our graduates meet the following learning objectives:

  1. Describe the historical and theoretical foundations of information science
  2. Apply ethics to every aspect of the practice of the profession
  3. Select, acquire, organize, store, retrieve, and disseminate information resources in all formats
  4. Design, manage, and evaluate information systems and services
  5. Evaluate and apply evidence to practice
  6. Leverage technology for all aspects of the practice of the profession
  7. Facilitate the interaction between users and information
  8. Provide fearless and savvy leadership oriented toward innovation in practice
  9. Recognize the value of all forms of diversity to the profession and actively promote them
  10. Engage in sustained learning across the career span
  11. Collaborate and communicate with colleagues and communities

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for UNC G Library & Information Science (LIS) is currently running on a plan cycle of 2017-2020. A full version of this plan can be viewed here.