Educational Research Methodology (ERM)

Students can select from one of the two concentrations that the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) provides, program evaluation or measurement and quantitative methods. Each concentration includes enough flexibility to customize the curriculum with courses from the other track, allowing students to get a degree aligned with their professional goals. The rigor of academic training in ERM is enhanced by hands-on, practical evaluation, measurement, and assessment work with clients in a variety of diverse local, national, and international program settings. Our internationally recognized faculty have developed a comprehensive range of academic and hands-on program experiences to enrich student understanding of the field of educational research methodology in either program evaluation or measurement and quantitative methods.

Whichever concentration you choose, distinguishing features of the ERM program include:

  • Most students receive graduate assistantships that include tuition waivers and stipends
  • Extensive training in multiple methodologies, with opportunities for hands-on experience in both qualitative and quantitative research
  • A diverse student body, with opportunities to interact with people of many different cultures
  • An active ERM Graduate Student Association that builds community through social events, provides a weekly professional development series, and provides access to numerous student resources
  • Facilitated summer internships with both national and international organizations
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Through the Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services (OAERS), a division of the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM), we offer valuable research and evaluation support while providing training opportunity for our students. OAERS houses and supports a comprehensive internship matching program that matches internship opportunities of professional organizations with ERM graduate students seeking practical experience in assessment, program evaluation, or research methodology. 

Admission Process

Programs begin in the fall semester of each year. We do not accept spring admissions to our programs. To be considered for admission, you should submit a completed application by December 15 for Ph.D. applications and March 15 for M.S. applications. M.S. applications are considered on a rolling basis, so, submitting your application materials prior to March 1 is advantageous. M.S. admission decisions may begin as soon as January for competitive candidates.

The application process is completely electronic. Please follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Visit the Graduate School website at
  2. Click Start your Application

*International Applicants: International Applicants are required to accompany all transcripts with a transcript evaluation conducted by an NACES-affiliated credential evaluation service. More information concerning the procedures for international applicants can be obtained from the Graduate School,


Here are frequently asked questions about the ERM admissions process.