Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC)

Future Students

Students in our programs represent a broad range of concerns, contexts, and backgrounds which generate dynamic conversations, collaborations, and scholarly work in courses with faculty as well as in sites that extend beyond the classroom. As a program that constantly grows from new insights, we are interested in learning from and with you! 

Prospective students apply to all of our academic programs through Graduate Apply. Faculty members then engage in a collaborative, rigorous review of applicants. 

ELC Admission Process 

Admissions decisions are based on an applicant’s full set of application materials. All evidence about a prospective student, including criteria for selection, work experience, letters of reference and recommendations, and the individual’s personal statement will be considered in making admissions decisions.  

In certain cases, applicants may be granted provisional admission, with a stipulation that they will be granted full admission upon successfully completing a specified number of coursework credits in the program.  

Click a program below to learn more about deadlines and the criteria for selection for each specific program.  


Students can take several courses before formal admission into a degree program as a non-degree student. Information about non-degree enrollment is available at: