Vacc Clinic


Clinic operations are overseen by the Clinic Director, a full-time faculty member from the UNC Greensboro Department of Counseling and Educational Development (CED). Each academic year select students are chosen to staff the Vacc Clinic through graduate assistantship and internship appointments.

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Dr. Kimberly Williams has expertise in in evidence-based counseling practices, including behavioral-focused approaches, mental health practices with special and developmental needs, counselor development and integrated community-based wellness. Through holistic approaches, she works with intentionality and consideration for the uniqueness of those she serves. Dr. Williams views the counseling relationship as an opportunity to support the work in which clients engage for the purpose of growth and change. She works as a university professor and provides supervision, consultation and mentorship to counselors, peers and counselors-in-training.


  • Ph.D Counseling Education and Supervision, UNC Charlotte
  • M.A. Mental Health Counseling
  • Ed.S Education Specialist
  • B.A. Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience


  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (LCMHCS)

Graduate Assistantships

Typically, master’s-level students serve as Clinic Resource Assistants, and are responsible for screening, scheduling, and recording sessions. At the doctoral level, graduate assistants are responsible for outreach, special projects, and group, individual, couple, and family counseling services. Each year one graduate assistant acts as coordinator of the SIP, AMP, and Making Better Choices programs, which are aimed at working with UNC Greensboro students who may need additional support to succeed within the University setting.


Master’s and doctoral-level internships are available in the Clinic. In addition, the Jack Bardon Fellowship offers one carefully chosen master’s or doctoral level student a stipend for an internship in the Clinic each academic year.