Our team of faculty and staff are able to provide consultation and clinical services to youth, adults, families, as well as mental health, education and service providers. Bringing awareness to trauma and life stressors naturally raises the need for support to marginalized populations across the entire community. At NCA-STAR, we partner with the Nicholas A. Vacc Counseling and Consulting Clinic to provide ongoing groups, workshops, and seminars focused on trauma-informed approaches to health and wellness.

Here are some examples of services the NCA-STAR team has provided:

  • Counseling interns provide clinical services through internships in K-12 schools, hospitals, and outpatient settings
  • The Nicholas A. Vacc Counseling and Consulting Clinic served as an Employee Assistance Program for Rockingham County School educators and staff
  • Providing clinical mental health services to students and partnerships in the UNC Greensboro campus community through the Nicholas A. Vacc Counseling and Consulting Clinic
  • Developing partnerships with campus personnel, offices, and units to address mental health needs
  • Developing programs to provide low-cost, culturally responsive services to members of the Greensboro community that include individual, family, and group mental health counseling, brain mapping, and neurofeedback
  • Provision of clinical services to community members; For example, in the 2020-2021 school year we offered Coping with COVID support groups
  • Offering consultation related to trauma-informed supervision