Counseling and Educational Development (CED)

Ed.S. in Counseling, concentration in Couple and Family Counseling

This program follows the basic plan of study for clinical mental health counseling but with specialized studies in couple and family counseling. Students in Couple and Family Counseling enroll in specialized coursework and internships and also develop knowledge about intervention strategies for working with individuals, couples, and families through a systemic lens.

Career Opportunties

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Program Contact

CED Admissions Staff


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Example Careers

Working in counseling agencies with diverse client populations
Providing in-home counseling for children and families
Working with children and youth involved in the foster care system
Serving clients impacted by domestic violence and other forms of family violence
Providing inpatient and outpatient counseling services.

Designed For

Students in the Couple and Family Counseling track are interested in helping people to improve many aspects of their lives by strengthening and improving their relationships. Students have many opportunities in the track to learn counseling strategies to foster safe, healthy relationships across the lifespan.

Career Opportunities

Students in the Couple and Family Counseling track have many hands-on practicum and internship experiences throughout their program. Our department partners with a variety of community agencies to provide a diverse set of options for these applied experiences. Students receive in-depth training in the dynamics of couple and family relationships, sexuality counseling, and family violence.

Research Interests

Master’s students have opportunities to get involved with research related to couple and family relationships through a Master’s Applied Research Experience course, as well as additional volunteer opportunities alongside departmental faculty members.

Program of Study

Total hours: 72 hours (Ed.S.)

Core courses:

CED 611 The Counselor As Scientist-Practitioner
CED 612 Developmental Counseling
CED 605 Counseling Diverse Populations
CED 610 Helping Relationships
CED 620 Counseling Theories and Practice
CED 650 Group Counseling Theory and Practice
CED 669 Career Development and Career Counseling
CED 678 Professional Orientation
CED 682 Application of Measurement and Clinical Appraisal Techniques
CED 642 Substance Abuse Counseling

Additional courses:

CED 644 Counseling in Community Settings
CED 687 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Counseling
CED 690 Counselors Working with Families
CED 691 Couples Counseling
CED 691 Family Violence
CED 691 Sexuality Counseling
CED 653 Practicum in Counseling
CED 675 Counseling Field Practicum
CED 679 Advanced Counseling Practicum
CED 680A Counseling Internship
CED 680B Counseling Internship