Counseling and Educational Development (CED)

Bridges Visiting Scholars Program for International Scholars

A Moratorium has been placed on this program until June 2021.

The Bridges Visiting Scholars Program is designed for counselor educators, advanced doctoral students, and clinicians seeking opportunities for professional development, self-directed learning, and collaborative research.  Bridges Visiting Scholars develop their own academic plans and research activities during their time at UNCG.  These plans and activities may include conducting and collaborating on research projects, presenting professional development programs, participating in graduate courses offered by CED faculty, and in some cases providing technical assistance to doctoral students. This flexible program allows for an ongoing infusion of new ideas and perspectives that benefits faculty, students, and visiting scholars alike.

Past Visiting Scholars

Past Bridges Visiting Scholars have included faculty and doctoral students from Turkey, South Africa, Korea, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, and the U.S. Many of our Visiting Scholars have maintained close ties with CED, including engaging in collaborative research projects, and the Department has enjoyed the many benefits of developing international connections around the globe. 

Application information

Applicants will work with UNCG’s International Programs Center and the U.S. Department of State to obtain a Visa and will secure governmental approval from their home country to travel as a scholar.  In addition, applicants will document financial resources.  This process takes a minimum of six months.  Once approved, applicants are immediately referred to UNCG’s International Programs Center.  Once at UNCG, Bridges Visiting Scholars have full access to all University amenities and resources.