Strategic Plan

In the School of Education (SOE) at UNC Greensboro, everything we do is in support of four main goals related to how we want to impact students and society. We refer to these goals as our “Areas of Distinction,” because they reflect areas of excellence that distinguish the SOE as a national leader in the field.

In April of 2017, the SOE launched a new plan to help us progress in our four Areas of Distinction. The plan focuses on components of growth that will help us meet our goals of positively impacting our students and society.

To learn more about the strategic plan components that support each of our areas of distinction, click on the specific Area of Distinction below.

Area of Distinction 1: Provide a transformative educational experience rich in real-world learning opportunities.
Area of Distinction 2: Lead innovation and research that bridges discovery with teaching and practice to address our most pressing social needs.
Area of Distinction 3: Promote a just society through valuing diversity and fostering educational and social equity.
Area of Distinction 4: Actively sustain an engaged and collaborative community of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and partners to act as agents of real-world change.