REIDSVILLE — Driving north along the business route of U.S. Route 29 near downtown Reidsville, cars pass a relatively new billboard emblazoned with “Moss Street Partnership School.” Drivers see the letters UNCG for the University of North Carolina Greensboro and #BetterTogether. A short drive further north brings you to an elementary school that’s served its […]

The UNCG Chapter of Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE) celebrated American Education Week (November 12–16, 2018) with activities highlighting various aspects of the teaching profession. On Tuesday, November 13, SNCAE hosted a teacher panel featuring beginning teachers, an HR representative, and a principal from various local school districts. Panelists discussed the profession, provided […]

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REIDSVILLE — For fourth-grade teacher Kristen Perkinson, responsive teaching made her feel like an actor waiting for a mysterious and elusive cue. It was terrifying. “I felt like I wasn’t teaching the kids,” said Perkinson, who teaches at the Moss Street Partnership School, a new collaboration that brings the resources and research of the University […]