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Project ENRICH

Project ENRICH (Educational Network for Renewal, Innovation, Collaboration and Help)

Project ENRICH is a partnership between Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Guilford County Schools, and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  It was conceived for the purpose of simultaneous improvement of teacher education and PK-12 education.

Project ENRICH is designed to:

  • Implement and evaluate two innovative approaches to preparing teachers for successful work with students in high need schools and with diverse populations.  Altogether we expect to prepare approximately 475 teachers during the five year period (100 residents in math, science, special education and English Language Learners and 375 undergraduates in a variety of  fields that include elementary, middle and secondary teachers from multiple areas:  math, science, English, social studies, foreign languages as well as music, art, physical education, literacy).
  • Recruit talented and diversified teacher candidates to address an ever growing and diverse population of students.
  •  Establish a continuum of support and professional development between UNCG and the partner school districts, Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools and Guilford County Schools, that spans educators’ careers including pre-service preparation, the induction period, and the professional status.
  • Support the development of school-based leaders within the region and to orient principals to their role as an instructional leader and their responsibility for teacher retention.
  • Explore and develop ways in which technology can be used to provide training as well as to support communication and learning.
  • Establish a Center for Teacher Education Evaluation at UNCG for the purpose of improving teacher quality by providing the teacher education programs with reliable, valid and relevant data for continuous improvement of the teacher education programs.  A central focus of these data will be on preparing teachers who have the knowledge and skills to positively impact K-12 student success in schools.

Project Staff:

Project Manager

Christina K. O’Connor

253A SOE Building



Assistant Project Manager

Allyson K. Lugo

253 SOE Building


Principal Investigator

Dr. Karen Wixson

324-A SOE Building



Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Cheryl Greenberg

365 SOE Building



Project ENRICH is funded by the United States Department of Education. Total federal funds awarded are $6,948,132 (66% of total costs). The recipient non-federal contribution is $3, 595,106 (34% of total costs).

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