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News: 06-17-2013


Note: SOE News will be published every other Monday during the summer. The next SOE News publication will be sent out on Monday, July 1. Please make sure to email News items to as early as possible for the publication. The deadline to submit SOE News items for the next publication is 9:00am on Friday, June 28.

SOE Walkaholics Group Photo

Congratulations to the ‘SOE Walkaholics’ Walking Team, who participated in the ‘Miles for Wellness’ Walking Challenge at UNCG. The Walkaholics placed second in the Tortoise division, by completing a total of 4,451,376 steps, or walking a distance of 2,226 miles from March 14 – May 12. Three cheers for team members Deb Ackerman, Barbie Brown, Holly Downs, Cheryl Greenberg, Babbette Mabe, Christina O’Connor, Meggan Reagan, Carol Resch, and Jennifer Stephens on on a job well done!!!

June SOE Faculty and Student Spotlight

June’s SOE Faculty and Student Spotlight features SES professor Jean Kang and B.S. in Professions in Deafness student Russell Milazzo. Read more about Jean and Russell on the SOE home page (, or click here.


Staffing Changes to SOE Instructional Technology Support

Matthew Fisher, Breon Williams and Nanette Deberry will be joining the SOE IT office. All IT staff will be located in the tech suite located between the TRC and the SOE computer lab on the third floor of the SOEB.  Staff titles and office number are included:

Instructional Technology Support

Sandra Bates-Hart, Director of Instructional Technology, 304-B

Matthew Fisher, Online Professional Development Coordinator, 304-A

Nanette Deberry, Instructional Technology Consultant, 306-A (starts June 17th)

Breon Williams, Web/Social Media Specialist, 304-A

Mike Shepherd, Technology Support Analyst, 306-B

Scott Leonard, Technology Support Analyst, 306-C


SOE Welcomes Nanette Deberry as New Instructional Technology Consultant

Nanette Deberry is joining the School of Education as the Instructional Technology Consultant (Blackboard support, online course development, etc.) starting Monday, June 17th.  Nanette comes to us from Carilion Technology Services where she served as an Applications Analyst. Nanette holds a BS in Management Information Systems from Winston-Salem State University, a MS in Instructional Design and Development from Towson University, and a MS in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University.

For additional questions regarding the SOE IT department, please contact Sandra Bates-Hart at or  (336) 334-3402.


LIS Professor Sandra Andrews to Accept New Position with Lincoln County Schools

(from Clara Chu)

Dear SOE community,

Our esteemed colleague and dedicated professor, Dr. Sandra D. Andrews, is leaving LIS to take the position of Director of Instructional Technology/Media Services and Public Information Officer for Lincoln County Schools, to start on July 1st, 2013.  This move will allow her to work closer to home, but more importantly, to provide leadership in the changing landscape of K-12 education.

Dr. Andrews, who received her Ph.D. from Florida State University
and two degrees (MLIS and BA English) from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, taught in the School Library Media Concentration and her research Interests include Integration of technology into libraries and classrooms, Common Core state standards and NC Essential Standards, Reading in a variety of formats, and Facility design.  She is the author of the American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) 2012 publication, “The Power of Data: An Introduction to Using Local, State, and National Data to Support School Library Programs.”   The book is a powerful tool to increase the ability of school librarians to effectively use existing data to influence decisions at the local level.  Since the release of the book she has been invited to talk and provide workshops across the country.

To celebrate the release of her book, LIS interviewed Dr. Andrews’ to learn what inspired her book.  The following response is indicative of the richness of experiences she brought to the LIS community and the vital asset she will be to the Lincoln County Schools:

I have worked in a variety of library settings including the Florida State Library and the university library but working to improve schools and school libraries is where my heart lies. I worked in both elementary and middle school libraries and then took a different direction and worked in the Telecommunications Department with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. I supervised work on seventy school projects to upgrade video, voice, and data infrastructure to allow schools to transition to the greater use of technology for instruction and administration. I also worked as the Director for Media Services in Rowan County which allowed me to facilitate change in the school libraries, to work directly with teachers through the Teacher Resource Center, and to coordinate staff development for the district. All of those experiences provide me with a rich background that informs my teaching and research.


Additionally, Dr. Andrews is active in ALA and AASL having chaired and served on a variety of committees including the AASL Affiliate Assembly, the ALA Committee on Professional Ethics, the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee, and the AASL Taskforce on Quantitative Standards.  She is a Past-President of the North Carolina School Library Media Association.

Sandra is teaching Media Production this summer so we will still have the opportunity to have her with us until the end of Summer Session II.  Please share your congratulations with her via email, on Facebook, or make an appointment to meet with her in person in Greensboro or Charlotte.  On behalf of the LIS faculty and staff, I wish to thank Sandra for her many contributions to the department, school and university.  Our warmest wishes go out to Sandra and we look forward to future collaborations.  Congratulations and Farewell!


TRC Featured in Campus Weekly

The SOE Teaching Resources Center was featured in last week’s Campus Weekly: Summer reading for your kids – on campus


Free Angela & All Political Prisoners Movie Screening – Wednesday, June 19

(sent from Dara Nix-Stevenson, ELC alumna)

You are cordially invited to the upcoming Greensboro screening of Free Angela & All Political Prisoners which will premiere Wednesday, June 19th 7:30-9:30 pm at the Carousel Cinema. Advanced ticket purchase, by June 12th, is required. Advanced tickets can be purchased from

Directed and written by Shola Lynch, Free Angela and All Political Prisoners tells the dramatic story of how a young professor’s social justice activism implicates her in a botched kidnapping attempt that ends with a bloody shootout, four dead, and her name on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list.  In this historical verite style documentary, marking the 40th anniversary of the acquittal on charges of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy, Angela Davis recounts the politics and actions that branded her a terrorist and simultaneously spurred a worldwide movement for her freedom as a political prisoner.  At its core, the story wrestles with the meaning of political freedom in a democracy negotiated between the people and its government.  Strong, attractive, and engaging, Angela Davis is one such person who became a symbol at the center of this still relevant power struggle. Please view the movie trailer at the link below.

Peolpe are encouraged to purchase tickets sooner rather than later.  If you cannot attend, please consider making a ticket donation to an associate, friend, or family member.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dara Nix-Stevenson (ELC alumna) at

For those on facebook, an event has been created at the following link:

Click here to download poster


SOE All Staff/EPA Non-Faculty Retreat – Wednesday, July 10

Please mark your calendars for the SOE all Staff/EPA non-faculty retreat on Wednesday, July 10th from 8:30am-4:30pm. It will be held at Piney Lake and lunch will be provided.

Meggan Reagan will be sending a medical release and a participant release closer to the retreat. Meggan will need to have a final head count 2 weeks prior, so if you cannot make it please let her know at


SOE Book Club Update

Thanks for all who have participated in our book club throughout the year. We have had some great discussions! We are going on hiatus for the summer and will reconvene in August/September. This gives everyone a chance to check off some reading on their personal lists.

The next book we are going to read is going to be the UNCG freshman summer read, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Stay tuned for campus wide events and discussions surrounding the book.
Hope to see some new faces in the fall! Everyone is welcome!

(from Meggan Reagan)


2013-2014 Faculty Assembly Retreat and Meeting Dates

Below please find the dates for the 2013-2014 Faculty Assembly Retreat and monthly meeting dates. All monthly meetings are scheduled to take place from 2:00pm-3:30pm; the Retreat times are TBD and will be sent out soon. For questions, please contact Annie Smith at

August 23 – Faculty Assembly Retreat in Virginia Dare Room (time TBD)

September 10, 2013 – EUC Claxton

October 8, 2013 – EUC Kirkland

November 19, 2013 – EUC Kirkland

January 28, 2014 – EUC Kirkland

March 4, 2014 – EUC Kirkland

April 15, 2014 – EUC Kirkland


Summer Building Security Reminder

From Angel Biegert:

As the summer begins I’d like to remind all individuals of the importance of securing our buildings, (SOEB, Curry & Ferguson Buildings).  Please remember to lock your office doors, even when stepping away for only a few minutes.
Also, departmental workrooms, mailrooms, GA offices, etc. should remain closed and locked unless an individual is occupying the space.

Thank you in advance for your assistance regarding the importance of securing office equipment and your personal items.
If you have questions and/or concerns please contact me at 336-340-0827 or


UNCG HR Information

Memorandum from State Personnel Director on the expiration of Special Leave on June 30, 2013

According to our records, there are still a large number of employees who have not yet used their Special Leave benefit that expires on June 30th.  While we understand that business needs often make it difficult to schedule leave, whenever possible, please work with those employees who have not taken their special leave to allow them to use it prior to June 30, 2013.

The Special Leave policy gave employees the responsibility of scheduling and using the leave within the allotted one year time frame and it was recommended that employees use Special Leave prior to using any other leave.  Even though the payroll wall allows for retroactive time/leave corrections, the Special Leave policy does not allow retroactive use of special leave.  Retroactive use of leave is considered a policy exception which requires OSP approval.  Retroactive time corrections are administratively costly and should only occur under rare instances.  Requests for exception will be reviewed on a case by case basis and should be sent in writing to Shari Howard at

We have received a number of requests for policy exceptions. Please note when the legislature granted the special leave, it specified:

  • special leave was a benefit, not an entitlement;
  • some employees, unfortunately, may not be able to use some or all of the leave due to work scheduling issues;
  • there would be a “no retroactive” policy provision; and
  • there would be no exceptions to the law which requires the leave to be lost if not used by June 30, 2013.

Please make sure your employees, supervisors, and timekeepers are aware of the special leave policy and the restrictions.  Questions regarding special leave should be directed to Shari Howard at 919-807-4881.

As a general reminder of best HR practices, time records should be maintained on a timely basis.  Employees and supervisors should be held accountable for the timeliness and accuracy of time records, and deadlines for completing time records should correspond with payroll deadlines.  There should be strict limitations on retroactive time corrections and documentation to support the need for retroactive changes.  This is especially a problem if special funding is involved for reimbursement purposes.  Please make sure you have standards in place to clearly document corrections to time/leave records.

Thank you for your commitment to best practices in human resources.

UNCG: Committed to Title IX

Read about UNCG’s commitment to Title IX on campus here: Click here to download


Fidelity Holding Individual Counseling Sessions This Summer

Fidelity is holding individual counseling sessions at UNCG and invites you to attend.

Joshua Soucy, our Fidelity Investments Representative will be conducting 1:1 Retirement Planning Sessions this summer. Consider meeting with your Fidelity Workplace Planning & Guidance Consultant if you need help with:

• Managing your retirement savings goals
• Choosing from among a wide range of investments
• Building a plan that’s easy to put into action

Sessions can be scheduled during the following time periods:

June 27th 8:00AM – 5:00PM MHRA Building Room 2603
July 26th 8:00AM – 5:00PM MHRA Building Room 3603
August 8th 8:00AM – 5:00PM White Oak Room (EUC)
August 23rd 8:00AM – 5:00PM White Oak Room (EUC)

To schedule an appointment, please go to or call 1-800-642-7131.


Faculty/Staff/Student/Alumni Accomplishments

James M. Benshoff (CED) recently returned from a 2 1/2 week trip to South Africa where he consulted with faculty and staff counselors at two South African universities. James was a Visiting Professor at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where he consulted with counseling center staff regarding issues related to strategic planning and clinical supervision.  At the University of Stellenbosch, he made presentations to faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology and School Councilling about the state of counselor education in the United States and synchronous models of online learning.

LIS alumna Lynda Kellam, along with University Libraries colleague Jenny Dale received the People’s Choice Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries for their workshop “Higher Learning: Effective and Engaging Information Literacy Instruction for Upper-Level Students”.


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