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Announcements: 10-1-2012

School of Health and Human Sciences | Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Join us for a conversation on diversity and inclusiveness

“Win, Lose, or Draw” : Creating Engaging, Dynamic, and Affirming Learning Communities Through Inclusive Education

C. P. Gause

School of Education | UNCG

Thursday, October 4 noon – 1 pm

Faculty Center

Bring your Lunch

Dessert and Beverages will be Served

Book Signing to Follow

To teach, learn, and lead democratically requires the individual to engage in problem posing and in critiquing taken-for-granted narratives of power and privilege…Educators must do justice to the larger social, public, and institutional responsibility of our positions, and we must exercise courage in creating opportunities for change

C. P. Gause


Dean’s Coffee Talks

Please join Dean Wixson for an upcoming “coffee chat”. Your questions, comments and ideas are welcome. The next sessions will be held in SOEB 301 on the following dates/times:

10/17 – 1:00

11/13 – 9:00


UNCG School of Education Faculty:

My name is Mallory Nye and I am the Undergraduate Representative from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro for The Triad Teaching Fellows Education Conference, formerly known as The Triad Teaching Fellows Leadership Conference. This Conference centers around: Technology, Leadership, Common Core, STEM, Literacy, ELL, Special Education, Assessment, Diverse Learners, and Specialty Areas (Drama, Art, Physical Education, Occupational Therapy, etc.). Our targeted group consists of pre-service teachers in all academic areas of study as well as high school students in “Project Persist” and “Teacher Cadets.”

I would like to extend an opportunity for you all to present at this year’s conference at UNCG on March 2, 2013. Your expertise and knowledge in these fields will definitely benefit future teachers.

Further details regarding presenter registration for this event will be sent out on October 19, 2012. Please keep an eye out for this opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you.


Mallory Nye


School of Education Online Learning Help Desk – Now Live!

Dear SOE colleagues,

We just wanted you to know that our online help desk is now up and running.

The help desk has two primary roles: 1) Marketing to prospective students an=d 2) providing traditional tech support for faculty and students involved in online learning.

As many of you are aware the SOE will be offering online professional development opportunities in the near future and this help desk will also serve as the first line of support for people interested in taking them and/or who may need real-time support. The LIS program is also now offering our MLIS degree entirely online starting this fall.

Here is more information and you can chat with the help desk by clicking on this icon which live on or adding them to your chat contacts in your UNCG email at

All the best,

Anthony Chow

Sandra Hart

Rebecca Croxton


Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Dr. Anthony Chow’s article, The Information Needs of Virtual Users, was published in this month’s edition of Library Quarterly vol.82 (4) (October 2012). Library Quarterly is one of the top journals in the LIS field.

Anthony also continues to take a leadership role in the library community on a statewide basis –  he was recently honored by being asked to serve as the advisor to the strategic planning efforts for the Charlotte Mecklenburg library system which is one of the largest public library systems in the country. He has also been invited to provide a training workshops on advocacy and outreach at the North Carolina Library Association’s Leadership Academy for NC library directors.

At the University level Anthony has also been recently asked to serve on a new University committee, the Division of Continual Learning Advisory Committee (DAC), by the new interim Dean of DCL Jim Eddy and also asked to reprise his role as the chair of the UNCG social sciences faculty grants subcommittee, which reviews all internal UNCG faculty grant applications in the social sciences.


Sandra Andrews has a new publication, Andrews, S.D., The Power of Data: An Introduction to Using Local, State, and National Data to Support School Library Programs (2012). AASL, Chicago.


Belinda Hardin participated in the 2012 Forum of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities at UNICEF in New York on September 14-15. The purpose of the meeting was to develop action plans to ensure children with disabilities are high on the global agenda in the post Millennium Development Goals for 2015-2030. UNICEF is currently conducting a research project on the education of teachers for children with disabilities worldwide and would like as many organizations as possible to complete an online survey. You can complete the survey online at::  (English).


An article about Joseph Hill’s book was in the Washington Post. The article can be found here: Sign language that African Americans use is different from that of whites


The UNCG presence was strong during the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision conference, September 27-29, 2012, in Savannah, Georgia.  Nine CED faculty members (Borders, Cashwell, Gonzalez, Hines, Mobley, Murray, Myers, Wester, and Young), 18 current students (doctoral and master’s), and 24 alumni from across the southeast (and beyond!) were involved in 47 research reports and practice presentations.  In addition, four doctoral students and one alum were selected to participate in the SACES Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program:  Lucy Lewis, Amber Pope, Laura Shannonhouse, and Ben Willis.

For conference titles and abstracts, please click here.


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