Mission and Vision

In the School of Education, our core purpose is to change lives through advancing access to life’s opportunities. Everything we do is in support of this core purpose.           

Four Areas of Distinction guide our progress towards fulfilling this core purpose:

  1. Provide Transformative Learning – We provide a transformative educational experience rich in real-world learning opportunities.
  2. Lead Innovation and Discovery – We lead innovation and research and bridge discovery with teaching and practice to address our most pressing social needs.
  3. Promote Equity and Diversity – We promote a just society through valuing diversity and fostering educational and social equity.
  4. Engage Community – We actively sustain an engaged and collaborative community of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and partners to act as agents of real-world change.

We believe these four Areas of Distinction represent critical principles for the future success of our graduates, and we are proud of our regional and national recognition as leaders across these areas. Everything we do in the School of Education aims to support these four Areas of Distinction, and our students benefit directly from our strengths across these areas.


Our mission statement extends directly from our core purpose and the four Areas of Distinction:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s School of Education is committed to advancing access to life’s opportunities by providing transformative learning, leading innovation and discovery, engaging communities, and promoting equity and diversity.