Diversity and Equity


These UNCG programs and services are available to faculty, staff, students and members of the community to help provide equal access to the information, technological and financial resources as well as the culturally diverse experiences that help build a quality education.

Resources for UNCG Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    This office seeks to increase the level of inclusiveness on UNCG’s campus. They sponsor programing and trainings on diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
    The Office of Multicultural Affairs is part of the Division of Student Affairs. They coordinate programs for students and faculty to promote cultural awareness and respect for diversity through thought provoking conversations and experiences. The Office also promotes student development through advocacy, programming and support to help all students, particularly those from underrepresented populations, reach their highest potential.
  • Office of Disability Services
    “The mission of The Office of Disability Services at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is to provide, coordinate, and advocate for services which enable undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities to receive equal access to a college education and to all aspects of university life.” The office also helps faculty who want to improve their interactions with students with disabilities.

Research Assistance & Support

Resources for Students

International Students

  • International Programs Center
    The IPC offers information for study abroad and exchange students including admissions information and assistance to help make the application process easier for prospective international students.
  • International Student and Scholar Services
    Also within the IPC, this program provides information, assistance, guidance, and support to all international students and scholars throughout the student or scholar’s time at the University.
  • International Student Orientation
    A helpful guide for new international students on UNCG campus life, student organizations, getting a driver’s license, the local area and more.
  • The International Student Association
    The ISA is a student organization at The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) with special interests in cultures and societies around the world. Membership is open to the entire student body, as the term “international” in its broadest sense is not restrictive to national origin.

Graduate Students

  • Graduate School Diversity
    This page offers information about many resources available to UNCG graduate students designed to improve equality, access and diversity. These resources include diversity based scholarships such as the McNair Scholar program (http://grs.uncg.edu/financial/mcnair-scholars-at-uncg/) and a variety of student groups. Visit their page for a full list of these resources.

Distance & Online Students

  • University Libraries’ Distance Education Services
    These include tutorials for Blackboard and other programs used in our online courses, help getting research materials, helpful resources and tools for online students and a chat reference program for answers to questions.
  • UNCG on the Go
    This campus newsletter helps adult and commuter students stay connected with events on Campus, and offers evening events for students to connect students whose schedules prevent them from participating in many student activities.
  • Cross Registration / Interinstitutional Registration
    Through membership in the Greater Greensboro Consortium (GGC), UNCG participates in an open-access agreement with the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, located in Greensboro. This increases our students’ access to courses by allowing them to take courses at NCATSU upon recommendation of their advisors and with the approval of the Dean of The Graduate School. Students must be registered for at least half of their hours at UNCG the same semester in which they register through either the Interinstitutional or Consortium agreements. The Graduate School participates in a similar program with North Carolina State University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina Central University, and Duke University.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Log into Community with your UNCG account to see more information about each student group.

  • African American Studies Club
    To improve the communities understanding of African American history, cultures, literature, religion and politics. The club will look to educate the communities experience on particular topics of African American Studies.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Michael Cauthen
  • African Students Union
    A.S.U.’s goal is to bring unionization through educating, inspiring and fostering positive change in people’s attitudes towards Africa.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Robert J Griffiths
    ATLAS (Aiming Towards Latinos’ Academic Success) commits to Latino students with peer to peer academic support opportunity for family and community involvement and cultural enrichment.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Gabriel Bermea
  • Black Business Students Association
    We strive to promote professionalism and to provide a support group for our members in and out of the classroom while networking and building life long connections.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisors: Dr. Omar H. Ali & Dr. McRae C. Banks II
  • Black Student Union
    The BSU was created to broaden awareness among ourselves in order to cope with the issues of the day. We want to insure that our cultural heritage is remembered, preserved, and maintained, whether by creating lasting networking relationships, friendships, taking pictuers, or using the internet to create a tighter bond b/w us. We also wanted to establish our places at this university and be better prepared for wherever else we may find ourselves after college. I hope this organization can serve as an stepping stone in helping minority students have an awesome and beneficial time here at uncg. We are here to serve the students and make sure they receive all that this school has to offer.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Omar Ali
  • Commuter Student Association
    The purpose of the Commuter Student Association (C.S.A.). is to provide a unified voice for commuter students at our University by advocating for commuter students through interaction with the Student Government Association and the faculty and staff of the University. C.S.A. also seeks to make commuter students feel at home while on campus by providing services and information about all of the benefits available to commuters while on campus. C.S.A. seeks to promote social interaction among commuters by increasing opportunities to gather, interact, and exchange ideas about making this University a better place for commuters.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Lisa McGuire
  • Council for Exceptional Children
    Through this organization members will work collaboratively in the community to help raise awareness and work one on one with community agencies that serve individuals with exceptionalities.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Stephaine Kurtts
  • E.B.O.N.Y.
    E.B.O.N.Y strives to unite women of various ethnic backgrounds by providing a support system for women of similar ambition and determination that recognizes a need for effective leaders. We encourage the view of diversity as a source of strength rather than stress. We strive to motivate women of color to be confident, responsible, and empowered in every aspect of life. We seek to provide the necessary tools and characteristics to become strong leaders on campus and in the community.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Audrey Daniel
  • GRO (Girls Reaching Out)
    GRO’s mission is to build confidence, encourage, uplift, inspire and support the young women of the surrounding areas through service, mentoring, and leadership.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jessica McCall
  • Multicultural Nursing Students Association
    To promote cultural diversity and promote the development of friendships and networks among nursing students, while providing service to the community.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Yolanda Hyde
  • Muslim Students Association
    The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a campus-based student group dedicated to promoting awareness about Islam and its teachings. We invite all Muslims and non-Muslims to join our organization here at UNCG and we strive to teach and educate all our members about Islam. We aim to provide a program for people of all religions, backgrounds, and levels of piety to learn and meet with other Muslims on and off campus. We are determined to carrying out these prinicples while building bridges within the university campus and the broader Greensboro community.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Mark Villacorta
  • National Association for the Adavancement of Colored People (NAACP)
    The purpose and aims of the UNCG College Chapter of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of minority groups; to eliminate racial prejudice; to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination; and to take all lawful action to secure its elimination, consistent with the efforts of the National organization and in conformity with the articles of incorporation of the Association, its constitution and by-laws, and as directed by the National Board of Directors.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jeffrey Coleman
  • Native American Student Association (NASA)
    The purpose of the Native American Student Organization is to promote community awareness through education and celebration of the Native American lifestyle. The organization maintains traditions and customs while advancing discussion of contemporary issues and working to dispel myths and preconceived notions surrounding the Native American community.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Nora Dial-Stanley
  • Neo-Black Society
    To provide the UNCG and surrounding community with a greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Black culture. To enhance the academic, cultural, political, leadership, social and spirituality of its members.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Shelly Brown Jeffy & Mark Villacorta
  • PRIDE!
    Promote and represent diversity, individuality, equality, and social awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and straight allied issues, will establish a social network, advocate health and wellbeing to PRIDE! members and work to educate the University Community and create awareness in relation to GLBTQIA issues and concerns.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jack Register & Jay Poole
  • Progressive Library Guild
    We are the Progressive Library Guild Student Chapter of UNCG we aim to create a platform for critical discourse about the intersection of libraries, politics, and culture. We affirm librarianship is activism. Collectively we are interested in examining the library/information field through a social justice lens, both examining and eradicating oppression. UNCG PLG is committed to providing access to a diversity of materials, alternative media, equitable distribution and free flow of information. We are invested in becoming culturally competent librarians and information workers. UNCG PLG members are aware it is only through collaboration, community building, and education can we truly be socially responsible and be catalyst for social change.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jim Carmichael
    To provide a place for Hispanic/Latino students at UNCG to come together and fellowship while learning about their heritage. To enhance the UNCG community’s understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture. To render outside service to Hispanics/Latinos living the Greensboro/Triad area.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jeffrey Coleman
  • Saudi Student Club
    To educate the campus community about the Saudi Arabian culture through organizing various events throughout the year.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Angie Kapely
  • Women With Or Without
    WWOW encourages women to gain a better understanding of themselves and how their identities relate to their choices and behaviors regarding intimate relationships, educational endeavors, career aspirations, and life goals. We intend to achieve this through dialogue, educational programs, interactive workshops, and by providing additional resources. While we do focus on self improvement, we also aim towards serving the community of Greensboro at large. WWOW believes that women can find fulfillment no matter what obstacles we face in life.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Leigh Marquess
  • YUVA
    The purpose of Yuva is to introduce Indian culture at UNCG and to help new students from India.
    On-campus Faculty/Staff Advisor: Promod Pratap

Resources for Faculty

Teaching Assistance

  • Faculty Teaching & Learning Commons
    The primary focus of the FTLC is the support of faculty in their efforts to enhance the University’s instructional programs. The FTLC provides instructional development activities and consultation, as well as support in the use of instructional technologies.
  • International Programs Center (Faculty Resources)
    The IPC aims to help faculty internationalize campus by providing information and assistance with research, travel, leading study abroad programs and internationalizing their curriculum.

Community Resources

  • UNCG’s Continuing Education and Outreach
    This page contains information on a wide range of programs that are open to members of our local community as well as students, staff and faculty.
  • Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships
    The center works with both university and community partners to promote the health and well-being of the community, as well as supporting the University’s family based research and outreach initiatives.
  • Center for New North Carolinians
    The center provides the following services to immigrant populations throughout the state of North Carolina.

    • Outreach and Educational Programming
    • Research and Evaluation
    • Information Services
    • Technical Support
    • Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Development