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Teachers Academy Conceptual Framework

The mission of professional education at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is to ensure “Access to Opportunities through Teaching, Learning and Caring.” This requires excellence in all our programs through alignment to state and national standards; explicit connections among research, theory and practice; candidates’ acquisition of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of their disciplines; detailed evaluation of our candidates’ continual professional growth; collaboration among stakeholders; ongoing self-study; and an overriding commitment to fostering beliefs and actions that promote education for all. Toward these ends, our Unit and programs focus on six areas: leadership, professional knowledge, professional practice, educational environments, data-informed decision-making, and professional growth to support the learning of all children in the context of 21st century complexity and dynamic change.

The Teachers Academy oversees

  • policies and practices of professional education programs at UNCG;
  • accreditation and DPI reviews in conjunction with the SOE Director of Assessment
  • dissemination of information about North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction (SDPI) licensing requirements; and
  • the administration of school-university partnership activities related to USTEP funding.

The Teachers Academy is comprised of

  • a Council of Program Coordinators (CPC) that represents all the professional education programs on the UNCG campus;
  • a Steering Committee with representative from each unit; and
  • an Advisory Council with members from the 15 school districts that constitute the Piedmont Triad Educational Consortium (PTEC).

The Council of Program Coordinators

The Council of Program Coordinators (CPC) coordinates and ensures the quality of existing licensure programs. CPC membership includes all coordinators of professional licensure programs at UNCG. Listed below are the Program Coordinators by department. If you have program specific questions, please contact the appropriate coordinator who represents your field of interest using 336 for the area code. General questions should be directed to the Office of Student Services at 334-3410, or you can email

The Teachers Academy and the CPC are led by Dr. Barbara Levin. Faculty who need access to the Blackboard organization for the Teachers Academy and CPC should email Dr. Barbara Levin at for access. If you have questions about advising, becoming a professional educator, or about licensure, please call the Office of Student Services at 334-3410 or email

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