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How To Become A Teacher

Steps To Success

The School of Education offers many options for one to become a licensed teacher.

Applicants without an accredited four year degree may complete an undergraduate degree in one of the approved teacher licensure programs.

Applicants with an accredited four-year degree, but no teaching license can apply to the NC Teach (alternative license) program.  This program can be completed in as little as one year, but requires applicants to secure a one year position as a lateral entry teacher in the area of license (OR) applicants in this category may decide to apply for one of our Master Degree programs.  This provides the opportunity for applicants to earn a graduate degree while earning a license to teach.

Regardless of the route an applicant pursues to become a licensed teacher, they will be required to meet state and program requirements to be recommended for license by the School of Education.  Our programs are designed to give students support and guidance in meeting licensure requirements.


Still uncertain as to which area of the teaching profession you prefer?

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American Sign Language Teacher Licensure

Students selecting American Sign Language as a major seek license to teach American Sign Language at public and charter schools in N.C.  These courses are typically offered at the high school level.

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Dual Majors: Elementary Education and Specialized Education

Students selecting Dual (Elementary Education and Specialized Education) as a major seek the flexibility of teaching either Elementary Education or Specialized Education.  The license covers Kindergarten –  6th grades for Elementary and Kindergarten -12th grades for Specialized Education.

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Elementary Education Majors

Students selecting Elementary Education as a major seek to be employed as a licensed Kindergarten –  6th grades teacher.  Students will select one concentration area from a list of several options.

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Middle Grades Education majors

Students selecting Middle Grades as a major seek license to teach students in grades 6th – 9th.  Students will select two from among four areas of concentration.  There is a current demand in N.C. for licensed Middle Grades teachers in the concentrations of Math and/or Science.

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Specialized Education Majors

Students selecting Specialized Education as a major seek license to teach children with special needs in grades Kindergarten – 12th grades.

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Secondary Teacher Education (STEP)

Students selecting Secondary Education as a major seek license to teach high school students in 9th – 12th grades.  Students will select the specific subject area they wish to teach, and that will decide the license they pursue.  The School of Education serves as the secondary advisor for the following Secondary Education areas include, but are not limited to the following: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.

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