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Our Mission Statement

The UNCG School of Education is a vibrant and inclusive learning community that embodies access, equity, diversity, cultural relevance, and collaboration in teaching, research, service, and community engagement. The School of Education offers authentic scholarly preparation for leaders who work in public and private institutions and agencies by providing research, professional development, and advocacy to improve opportunities for all from birth through adulthood. Recognizing education’s power to transform, the SOE values caring, trustworthy, and engaged programs, organizational arrangements, and decision-making that carry out the University’s role as simultaneously innovative and deliberative in a democratic society.

Core Values:

  • Equity and inclusiveness—dedicated to fairness, diversity, and the role of education in addressing social justice
  • Collaboration—working together across departmental and disciplinary boundaries in mutually enriching relationships
  • Innovation—creating and utilizing new knowledge, modes of inquiry, and practice
  • Integrity—conducting our work with honesty and honor as we strive to meet our highest potential
  • Engagement—joining with the university and community to participate in teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Learner-centered—focusing our teaching, scholarship, service, and community engagement on the best interest of students

Under review 2012

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UNCG School of Education History

The history of UNCG’s School of Education is rooted in the founding of the University. Our ties to the North Carolina College for Women and later Woman’s College are deep and remain strong. I invite you to read through our history and better understand how we became the School we are today. Dr. Ada Vallecorsa, who served on the School’s faculty and then as Associate Dean under Dean Schunk searched, archived and talked with retired faculty and staff to put together this documentation. We appreciate her thorough research for this project and her dedication to the School.

Karen Wixson

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